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Hand crafted leather steering wheel cover - Natural Tan

Hand crafted leather steering wheel cover - Natural Tan

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This leather steering wheel cover is made from a high quality veg tanned leather.

The leather ages and develops aged look on your steering wheel as you use.

The thread cord colour will be White, unless specified in the Note Section.

This cover isn’t for wheels with humps/unusual shape. Consistent thickness only. I do make ones for unusual shapes for different thicknesses for different rate.
Please enquire before purchasing.

This leather wheel wrap will have to be threaded on your wheel. (comes with fitting thread and needles)

There is instruction page here for you to follow.

How to measure your wheel

For handbrake covers, please provide the measurements as well (Length and grip))

Seat belt cover is universal fir (4.6cm-4.9cm) Length is 15cm



This item is made from a piece of veg-tanned tooling lather* made of cow hide.

It is hand cut, tooled, dyed and hand stitched from scratch.

Finished with waterproof coating for beautiful natural sheen and excellent weather protection.

Made to last with hand stitching technique and extremely durable to last life time.

Care Instructions

Keep away from moisture.
Use dry cloth to clean.
Natural leather will grow antique look over time and will soften with use.

——Products may appear slightly different from the original photos because of the hand-craft nature——

——Every leather is different and each craft may look slightly different——

*Veg-tanned leather is a type of leather processed by soaking raw hide in tannin solution. From vegetables for months to prepare leather.
It is one of the oldest Ancient techniques and the process takes a lot of time and skills by professional craftsman.
It is the most ideal type of leather for tooling.


Natural Vegetable tanned leather

Shipping & Returns

Typically 1-7 days (Depends on customisation - please enquire )

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  • Custom orders

    Please be aware that once customised orders are under process it cannot be cancelled due to the nature of handmade business. If you would like to cancel the order or alter the item I may ask you to cover the material costs and refund the rest. This is purely because once I start the production I cannot reuse the prepared materials for other uses.

How to thread leather steering wheel cover - The Sho Room

Threading Instruction

See this page for how to thread your wheel.