Measuring your new dog collars

Measuring your new dog collars

It is important that your leather collar is right fit for your best buddy :)

too loose or too tight could cause issues and can be very uncomfortable for doggies.

I have been making leather collars a while and I have noticed that a lot of people are not quite sure of how they should be measuring their pet's collar sizes. 


To get the right fit collars for your dogs (or cats) it is important that you take the measurements correctly. 

Here is how it should be done, it is very easy and simple with a soft tape measure. 


First of all, measure the neck, not the collar. This could be inaccurate.



Not too tight Not too loose


It is important to understand what correctly fitted collar is.

If you have the collar too loose there are some issues such as getting out it which the dog will get set loose. 

Also loosely rubbing collar can possibly irritate skin, or worst case getting legs caught in the slack causing other injuries. 

Oh the other hand having collars too tight might block airway leading choking in severe case. Skin irritation may occur as a result as well. 



Correct Fit collar

Best way to determine the correct fit collar size for your dog is to follow the 2 finger rule.

If your index finger and middle finger snugly fit in between the collar and dog's neck you can tell that the collar is the right fit.

When you measure your pet's neck with a tape measure, take the measurements with your fingers in the loop. Use this measurement as a guide when you are purchasing collars.

If you are purchasing one of my collars and have any enquiries, please get in touch via my contact form.



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