Wheel wrap instruction

This instruction will show to how to thread your wheel wrap in Double X Patterns as shown in this photo.

To explore different threading styles, please see this article.

Please read carefully to follow the steps and the instruction.

At the end of the page there is also video instructions, but you must read this instruction before watching the video so you can understand the steps better.

I recommend doing this when you have plenty time and not when you have to drive anywhere soon after.

Handcrafted leather steering wheel cover - The Sho Room

Time Required: 1-2 hours

Things Required:

  • Needles and thread (Included in your purchase) 
  • lighter
  • Patience



Position your cover.

Wrapping your steering wheel with leather wheel cover

Tie temporary locking knots. (optional)

Although this is not a necessary step, it will help you to reduce the creases.

See this photo for guide.


Threading the 1st round

To make this easy, think about it as threading your shoe laces.

This is the same technique most people use to put shoelaces through.

Skip every second holes (they are for threading the 2nd round).


1. Start like this


2. Thread along like shoelaces. You will always be ENTERING in the holes from OUTSIDE.

Pull LIGHTLY to bring the cover together. 

DO NOT pull hard and try to close the gap all the way at this point. 

There will be some gap left after threading the 1st round, but this will close up when you finish the 2nd round.

The tip is to use your hands to bring the edges of the wheel together while you pull the thread lightly with the other hand.

Pull to the point where the thread has some tension but not too hard. 



3.When you get to another spoke, EXIT out of the hole. (see the photo)


4.Stitch along the spoke. This is a simple in-and-out stitch not crossing to the other side.


5. Restart shoe lacing when you get to the end of the spoke.


6. Repeat until you get to the end.

Tie a knot at the end. Cut and burn the ends of the thread to melt and lock them in place.



Your wheel should look like this at this point. 




Threading the 2nd round

You will be repeating the same process in the 1st round but this time you will work the opposite direction to create X pattern. 


If you work the same direction as the 1st round, you will end up with V pattern like baseball seam. Which is not a bad thing. It is just another derivative. Difficulty level is the same.


If you have worked the clock wise in the 1st round, you will need to work in the anti-clock wise for the 2nd round. (vice-versa)



Start from EXITING out of the hole shown by the Blue arrow in the photo.

You will be working with the holes you skipped in the 1st round (indicated by the blue dots)


When you are working on the spoke, the technique applies.

Stitch along all the way remembering to close the gap.

Once you complete whole way around, it should look like this.

Leather wheel wrap hand made by The Sho Room
For threading instruction videos please click here.