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How to wrap steering wheel cover with X pattern

This is one of the easiest and the simplest ways to thread your leather steering wheel wrap. 

It uses less amount of thread and takes less time compared to other complicated methods. 

You can see more wrapping pattern variety here


To learn how to wrap the steering wheel cover from the stat top the end, please see this page.




(Using coloured thread so it is easier to understand the threading patterns.)



1. Start with both ends coming out of holes on the each side.  





2. Thread the right  (red) cord diagonally and enter the hole, then come out of the one next to it on the other side. 






3. Thread the left (black) cord diagonally and do the same as the right (red) 






4. Repeat the pattern making sure right cord threads first then left one over it each time.


Make sure the left cord is always over the right one.





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