Leather tooling, leather carving technique for dog collars, belts, and wallets

Leather carving styles and tooling patterns | The Sho Room

In this article I would like to share the styles of leather carvings I use and apply for my leather tooling projects at The Sho Room. 

I mainly use 3 leather tooling technique to design my products depending on what Items I create. 

The 3 leather tooling techniques are; 


1. Sheridan leather Carving

2. Geometric leather tooling

3. Leather figure carving




1. Sheridan leather Carving

The classic of leather carving.

This is the first technique I learnt when I started learning leather carving. 

Design is characterised by distinctive patterns of flower petals and swirling leaves. 

This style of leather carving is seen often in Western style designs popular for country style fashioners. 

I use the Sheridan and derivatives with my twist for some of my belts, wallets and phone cases.

See example here Sheridan hand painted phone wallet with concho closure.




2. Geometric leather tooling

This is the method I use frequently on my leather dog collars. 

The carving patterns are created by stamping a single stamp impression in series to create patterns. 

I create the design pattern on the top layer of my dog collars using the this geometric leather tooling technique. 

These carving patterns are created from a stamp like this,

There are  endless possibilities and creative ideas with the geometric stamps.

On one of my popular wallet,  Turkish filigree Bi-fold wallet, I use a derivative version of the geometric tooling technique.





3. Leather figure carving

The freestyle of all leather carving ( Photo is a Cat carving I did with a photo of a cat). 

It is more difficult and takes some practice.

Figure leather carving can be used to create portrait of the person, landscape, animals etc pretty much anything.

I use figure carving technique in combination with acrylic painting to create detailed personalised orders with lots of details like Animal portraits.


So these are the 3 main leather carving techniques I use to create my products here at The Sho Room.


If you are interested more about how I make my tooled leather products. Please see my behind the scene page


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