The Sho Room - tooling leather

Behind the scene - How your orders are processed

The Sho Room

Behind the scene - how your orders are processed. 



Designs are chosen from existing range on the products page, or requested by the buyer online message or email. 

Production starts once the order has been received and confirmed.


Productions happen in a small home-based studio.






The Sho Room uses quality cow Vegetable Tanned Leather for all of the products. 

(Hair on cowhide products will be combined with hair on cow leather)





Creating design starts with cutting the lines using Swivel knife.


All carving is done with series of tooling stamps. 

Each stamp has different shapes and angles.

patterns are created by hammering impressions onto the leather from the stamp shapes.




Coloring process consists of several stages. - Dye/Paint/Antique

Leather dyes are used for main colouring of the body.


then for detailed parts leather paint is used for more artistic features.

Antique paste dye is applied to create more contrast and enhance the carving effects.



Leather is punched with chisels to create stitch holes first, then using  done by hand using saddle stitch method. 





On the surface of the leather leather finish is applied to protect the designs and the leather. 

Edges of the products are polished using technique called Burnishing.

Proper burnishing ensures the long life of the products by protecting the openings of the leather sections. 




Finished products get wrapped in protective layer and gets packed in environmentally friendly materials.

Your order will be shipped by Auspost with tracking number.


 There are videos of the production scenes here.

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