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Universal phone mount for leather phone wallet

At The Sho Room I make most of my phone wallets universal fit with universal phone mount.

Watch the video instruction for using the slide pad here.

Making the custom sized leather phone wallet and using this universal fitting enables me to make phone cases that fits almost any phones. 

There are some phone newer models with multiple camera lenses which may cause some complications so those phone owners need to contact me first before ordering any phone wallets.


This page is the instructions for how the pad works as universal phone mount.

Main benefit of phone case with this style is the the whole phone is covered with no exposed fragile parts.




The reason I prefer to use the slide pad for my phone cases is so I can use the whole surface of the outside to create designs and the camera hole will not cut the design out.


The Pad



The fitting pad has sliding mechanism to allow mounted phone to shift up for camera uses.

When the camera is not in use phone will be covered and when you slide up the camera will be exposed for use.




The sticky pad has excellent holding durability and can guarantee the secure mount. 


Removing / Replacing

When removing, twist (rotate) the phone the way it's shown in the picture. 


The used pad can be used for a few re-sticking, but for more secure mount, you can replace the used pad with 3M sticky pads (or similar products)

Please do not attempt to pull the phone off as this could possibly break the pad. 


If you have any further questions please send me a message here.  

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