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Threading steering wheel covers with style

Threading leather steering wheel cover is a great way to dress up your car interior and show your styles. 

There are several ways you can thread the wheel wraps depending on your visual  references and difficulty levels.


In this article I will introduce to you 3 different ways that I like t use to thread leather steering wheel cover. 


1. Single X Method - Difficulty: EASY

See here for instruction


This method creates linked X patten along the seam, also looks like connected diamonds.  Steps are very easy to follow. 



2. Base ball seam Method - Difficulty: EASY

See here to see the instruction


This method is the same way base ball seams are threaded. Steps are easy to follow.


3. Double X Method - Difficulty: MEDIUM - HARD

See this page for detailed threading method. 


This method takes more thread and time. When done correctly it creates beautifully lined up Xs in a cohesive manner.

This requires you to thread the wheel cover twice to create the pattern so it takes more time than the other 2 methods.




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