Handcrafted leather steering wheel cover by The Sho Room

Handcrafted leather steering wheel cover by The Sho Room

Differences between The Sho Room leather steering wheel cover and other brands. 



There are many "Genuine leather'' steering wheel covers that seem so affordable. If you are thinking about buying a leather cover for the steering wheel of your car, please take a moment to read this article.

There are two main aspects that make The Sho Room leather steering wheel cover very different from the other leather wheel covers; material and the process of making them.




When you see most leather steering wheel made by other brands, you will see the label "Genuine leather"

This doesn't not tell you what kinds of leather though...

Most low price range leather steering wheel covers are made of leather called Chrome tanned leather or similar soft leather. 

While it may sounds good the leather being soft, the chrome tanned leather has significantly less durability against constant rub and handling.

Chrome tanned leather also has low cost and this is one of the reason why a lot of steering wheel cover prices made by other brands are set so low. 

Chrome tanned leather is more prone to peeling over time like the photo below.



At The Sho Room we only use VEG TANNED LEATHER. 


Vegetable tanned leather has the highest durability against constant handling and also it's the only kind of leather that ages with use. 

The layer of vegetable tanned leather will not peel easily, I mean for years.

Vegetable tanned leather also has higher cost compared to chrome tanned leather. 


Please see this article for more elaborated information about vegetable tanned leather. 


Handcraft customization

The biggest aspect that makes The Sho Room  leather steering wheel cover is that they are one by one handcrafted according to the clients requirements. 

Size, colour, threading colour, in some cases the custom design is requested.

Each piece is made by hand which make them all one of a kind item even when I am making the same design and colour. 

Lower priced leather wheel covers are mass produced by machine and are restricted to certain sizes therefore will not guarantee the right fit.


The only leather steering wheel cover made to order


The Sho Room leather steering wheel covers are more exceptional compared to other mass produced products with Chrome tanned leather. It involved hours of hands on work with the highest quality material possible to make sure the end products are durable and fully customized.

Please see this article to learn how I make all my handcrafted leather items.



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